Everywhere, we are bombarded with signs and symbols advertising a vicious society, a hostile order which feeds us daily with injustice.

In a time of spiraling crisis, we need something more… special.

Spatial Ensaymada aims to serve up an alternative course: resistance, in all its yummy goodness. All rolled up, of course, into bite-size chunks.

Spatial Ensaymada is all about putting our hard-earned democratic space to good use, making it more vibrant with a splash of much-needed color.

Spatial Ensaymada is our virtual playground for toying with new forms and ideas, our experimental laboratory for culturing our skills and ideology, our dirty kitchen for nourishing the eyes and the mind.

If to see is to believe, then to show is to affirm. You may find our Ensaymada a little hard to swallow, but it’s a warm helping of something we fervently believe: that one day, our oppressors will get their just deserts.